All parents dread the inevitable time when their kids leave home.  My philosophy is give them wings to fly.  I have 5 kids ages 15-28, and 3 are on their own living in 2 other states.  I do miss the chaotic life we had when they were younger.  Sports was a major part of life for our family, I didn’t think I would miss it as much as I do.  To have 5 kids playing at the same time was a bit deranged, but fun.  My kids are all very different individuals which keeps things interesting.  So I am going to have them write on this blog as well to share their life perspectives on what they know.

Son #1 has been in the Navy for 5 years and his take on life both in and out of the service is hysterical yet informative.  Son #2 is a person trainer, he helps me and the other kids to exercise and eat right.  Both of them love LSU as much if not more than I do, and we will have SEC football discussions on this blog as I have already mentioned.  Son #3 does his own thing in life and has  a lot to say about almost everything.  Princess is the only girl, being raised with 4 brothers made her tough.  She is entering college, loves sports naturally, and is into movies, music and true crime.  Son#4 the intellect, his views both surprise and disturb me at times.  He is talented in music and art, he can play the drums and guitar by ear.  #4 is also a gamer one of  the things that disturbs me but what the hell. 

My kids have been raised to voice their opinions and learn and experience new things life has to offer, at the same time understand that every one has a different attitude.  I know y’all will enjoy their rants and ideas.