I got up at 5:45 and took the dogs for a 30 minute walk, they enjoyed it a bunch.  Had my coffee and now waiting for my sister to pick me up for our drive to Virginia, that’s a story for anther day.  So my exercise will be limited today due to the 5 hour drive, but I will eat sensibly and replace my usual diet Dr. Pepper for water.

Emotionally, I hope this gives us time to talk we both need that.  My son left a wonderful response to my previous blog,  I have the greatest kids in the world, so supportive and loving.  Son #2 tells me when I can’t exercise to use my own body to work with itself.  Tighten muscles hold for 15 seconds and let it loose then repeat, I do this mostly with my abs and it works.  I can feel my abdominal muscles get sore, therefore I know they are getting a little work out.

Til tomorrow people