Mojave Cross Should Stay Wednesday, Oct 7 2009 

I am tired of waking up in the morning to hear yet another complaint about religion.  This morning the story of an Oregon man, with the help of the ACLU, are fighting to have a cross in the Mojave Dessert taken down because it is a religious symbol on federally owned land.  Frank Buono brought this fight to the attention of The ACLU back in 1999 stating that it is an infringement of the Establishment Clause.  As  I found on, the establishment clause states:  The 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” This establishment clause has been used by the Supreme Court to overturn, or declare unconstitutional, state laws involving the government in religious activities, such as prayers or religious programs in public schools”. 

First the story of the cross, it was erected in 1934 by Riley Bembry, a World War I medic in remembrance for the fallen during the war.  And then became a site for service to come to ease the distress of mustard gas in the dessert air.  Bembry took care of the cross until his death in 1984, never received permission to construct the cross, at which time was not government property.  In the 1990’s a  request  to put up a Buddhist Shrine near the cross was declined, which led former park ranger Buono to contact the ACLU, stating the Latin cross is not a universal symbol for religions.  That it should not represent Jewish, Muslims and many other sects.

Slowly the ACLU and others have been getting rid of any and all religious symbols from this country. Cities and schools can not use the word Christmas in holiday displays or programs because it leaves out other religions which do not celebrate Christmas.  In many government buildings all signs and symbols of religion have been taken down and officials reprimanded for displaying such items as the Ten Commandments, pictures of Jesus Christ and crosses.  Does anyone remember that the Constitution was founded on Biblical principles?  The men and women that came to this country were God-fearing people who lived by the Bible, and believed the words therein.  The Founding Fathers of this country did not want England to dictate to them any longer.  These men worked feverishly to compose a document that would benefit their new lives in this country, only to have the ACLU and others to interpret the Constitution to their own benefit and the benefits of a self-righteous cause.

Let the Mojave cross stay where it is without any further recourse.  Let’s put a stop to the Americans ( and I use that term loosely) who try to take away our right to religion and freedom of expression.

God Bless America


Michigan Mom Wednesday, Sep 30 2009 

A Michigan mom that does a wonderful favor for her working friends by keeping their children and putting them on the bus safely is now being told by the Michigan Department of Human Services to stop.  According to, “Under state law, no one may care for unrelated children in their home for more than four weeks each calendar year unless they are licensed day-care providers”.  Why does this include helping out a friend? 

The governor of Michigan has asked for an intervention for this matter and that the law be addressed and changed.  Does the state of Michigan have nothing else to do?  The economy dictates that both parents work, and if there is another parent fortunate enough to be able to put the kids on the bus, so what?   In the meantime, baby-sitting has stopped and a good deed along with it.   

I can understand if the woman was accepting money, had a bunch of kids that were not being watched and were in danger, and that this invaded the rights of operating day care centers.  She is not, this is a matter of state infringing on  private citizens for the sake of money.  This woman is taking money out of the pockets of the day care owners…….and the state!!  Who do the day care centers have to pay their license fees and taxes to?  The state!!

It’s not about what is best for the kids, it’s about who is getting paid.  How did the Department of Human Services find out and why target this woman? If the government has nothing better to do, put those people to work picking out such nonsensical laws and refine them instead of attacking innocent people trying to do what’s right.

I have to tell all people helping out a friend or any one else for that matter and keep on going.  It’s called doing the right thing!!!!!