What is up with the tattle-tale media??  Whoever that reporter was that had to run out and tell people that President Obama called Kanye West a jack ass  is an ass-hole.  Nothing more than a grade schooler that couldn’t wait to “tell” that the President used a bad word.  I know this story is getting too much coverage and you are probably tried of hearing it as I am, but jeez Louise !!  The President is a man, just like any other man.  He expresses himself, being use to having reporters with him every second of every day, he saw someone acting a fool and expressed his thoughts out loud.  I said a few choice words too when Taylor Swift was so rudely interrupted at the VMA’s.  But the President, caught off guard said what he thought, and when he realized what he had said, he looked around and asked that it not be repeated.  But no, one guy had to tattle.  If it wan’t bad enough that there was a blabber mouth in the room, some one gave (or sold) the actual footage and felt the need to pubish it on the internet.  Then decided, oh we shouldn’t have done that, my bad.  REALLY???  Once it was released and viewed it was decided that was the wrong thing to do??  Are you stupid???  And these are journalists?  I think  Freedom of Speech/Expression is taken way too far and out of context.

I say so what??  President Obama has every right to express himself other than in the privacy of the family quarters of the White House (which I am assuming isn’t all that private either).  The public has this false idea that the President is holier-than-thou, that he shouldn’t say or do certain things.  I like the fact that President Obama is “human”.  The time the man had a beer at a basketball game…….omg alert the media!!!  At least he had a designated driver.  Who cares that he a beer or two or  three even??  I personally appreciate the fact the he is a man.  A beer drinking, cussing man.  Every one can relate with that, people can relate more to a person of authority if he is like them. 

And what about the coverage of Michelle Obama wearing shorts while taking the family to the Grand Canyon?  Who gives a rats ass?!?  What should she have worn, a dress and heals?  Give me a break.  Isn’t there more important things to report about?  Let the woman alone, I applaud the First Family for being the down-to-earth family that they appear to be.  Why report on and make such a stink about every little the these people do?  And they are people just like you and me.  What’s next?  What else will the media find necessary to report, what kind of toilet paper is used in the White House?   That is how trivial all of this is.

To the media I say report on the important matters and stop “looking” for things that aren’t important and we the public just don’t care about.  I am losing respect for reports, if they stoop to a level of tattle-taling and bull shit to get published, shame on you!!!  And please stop drilling these senseless stories down our throats.

What do you think?  I would like to know that I am not alone with this issue.